Slowly i

011019contrario_pluniformeWhisper your name and slowly you feel me, and our parallel world get connect us, one to another. My vise in the stomach get bigger and bigger and i feel your lips on my neck. Your embrace from behind, your arms around me and your hands start to touch my body trough the t-shirt and slowly they slides in. Breathless, i count the seconds you’ll turn me around. Your hands caressing my bare skin till to reach touch sweetly my breasts.
You leave me without the breath and i close my eyes.
Your hands hold me tighter. I perceive your desire.
Now you turn me around and finally we are in front, one another. You wear that sunglasses. I want to see you eyes and to see in them, our parallel world and slowly you take off them, while you are approaching me.
I caressing your face and my heart beating hard. When finally our eyes meeting, i bite my lips and my breath get faster and faster. My hand is on your chest and slowly it slide in your t-shirt.
Slowly we are going crazy.
For a second we looked at us one in another, without saying nothing, just shyly we smile us and without realizing we are about kissing us sweetly.


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