“We were wake

build25dscoloraUp still embraced one in another. It seemed that in that embrace, it was all our desire to remain embraced eternally.
We looked at us deeply and the only thing we thought was natural, was, to kiss us. And so we made. It was one the passionate kiss. It seemed no end. And in that kiss our little eletric shock among our minds were multiplied themselves and what we have felt in that moment has clarified, for a little bit, what it was happened in all this little period. It were just pass by, more or less 72 hours and it was happened of everything.
You looked at me, sitting down yourself on the sofa. Your hand holded mine.
Our glances didnt wanted break away.  We were, as hypnotized, one to another.
We were still as in a bubble of new emotions that we couldnt to manage and we looked for in the other, something it could exceed that stastic moment, that stastic, wasnt. at all.
Inside of us there was an emotions’ storm  was about revolutioning us, while we looked at us around, as if we were born in that moment all around us seemed new, above all what we were feeling.”


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“We were still ⇒

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