“We were wake” – ○60○


Up still embraced.
In that embrace, there was all our desire to remain like this.
We looked at us deeply, and we kissed us.
In that kiss, our little electric shock were amplified themselves, and what we have feel in that moment, has clarified many things.

It were just pass by, more or less 72 hours and it was happened everything.
Sitting down yourself on the sofa, you looked at me, and you was tightening my hand.
We were as inside a bubble of new emotions that we couldn’t manage, and we looked for in the other, something it could make exceed us that static moment, that, on the contrary, wasn’t at all.
Everything was going like this fast, and it seemed us the time was stopped.

Inside of us there was a of new emotions storm that was revolutionizing us.
As if we born in that exact moment, everything around us seemed new, even, the way to feeling the things.”



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