“We didnt wanted

Believe that it happening again.
What it did still wanted say us? In that moment, maybe we we were a little mentally confused, we had forget the meaning of that stone?
We were looked at us fleetingly and you have took the bag i’ve prepared and we were gone away.
glowe02037scuriTo our eyes, all this was inexplicable, but in our deep, we knew that was possible.
Our heart beated at unison and now we could listen to all our thoughts.
We were fighting a battle we couldnt win. Entered in your car, we have take a deep breath and slowly our hearts got calms themselves.
Algiz said us, that we had protection, all our desires could become true and all our pains were completly disappeared. And we could feel it. Above all yours pain was gone. I could feel your soul free. That burden was gone away and while you was sighed, you have looked at me, taking my hand holding it tight.
Along the road from the bar to your home, a lot of emotions we have shared without talking. Those little thorns in our head were, by now, persistent. They were like many little electric shocks that our minds shared. And now, we were, really connect one to another.
We could listen to beat our heart, simply, so.
It seemed to us, we were has been transported in another world, and in, someways, we was.
We have start to felt everything in different way. But above all what have wondered us, it has been, how we could feel our emotions. More deeply and more intensively.
When we were arrived to your home, you have leaned my bag close to the stairs and you have wanted to lie down yourself to the sofa with me. Now what we had need it was, just, to think and reflect on what was happening to us and around us.
Slowly, we asleep, embraced, one in another.”



“We were wake ⇒

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