If you feel

l0ra0044scuri-1The same when i close my eyes and i take the deep breathe, we are in our parallel world, and we can touch us gently. I have my eyes closed and i feel you’re approaching me. You whispering me words that i never heard. You’re behind me. I feel you are embracing me sweetly and sweetly you turn me around. I dont realize and your lips are  already kissing me.
My soul dives into your and our bodies float in this twirl of big emotions.
When our eyes meeting eachother, i sighing and you bring my hand to your chest. I feel your heart beating hard. Mine doing the same. ‘I wanna be with you’ is your whisper. I remain breathless and i touch your face caressing it. We both sighing, while we looking at us and we feel our feelings one for another.
We are loving us silencely passionately.


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