glowen0038scuriYou was looking at me, as if you understand better those feeling you had when you was comeback at your home. That irrepressible need to write and that feeling you had felt when you have give me your hand when i was falled in the bar. You was  looking at me still surprise by what which i have said you few minutes earlier, but you was realizing of all that. And what i could feel was all your wonder and my heart couldnt stops its run. And now you could felt it too.
We were looked at us still wondered for what which it was happened, but now, we were in something bigger and now each feeling, sensation, emotion of the other, we could perceive it.
As if we were woke up from a dream, we looked at us and shyly we smiled eachother.
I looked at the little window.
By now the day had made place to the night.
We didnt wanted break us away, one from another. But we had to.
We coated and slowly i have picked the last things in a bag.
You was sit down on the bed without take me off your eyes from me and everytime i passed you by, you took my hand or touched my hips.  Sweetly, you have whispered me ‘Take your stones’. They were in a little leather bag on a little furniture close the window, far from the bed.  It was always well tied up, but now the little bag was open and one stones was out. It was on the floor. I collected it and i have you showed it.
It was Algiz.”


⇐“We were embraced us

“We didnt wanted ⇒

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