It’s been



Like a recall. I have felt your whisper and i came here. My head has exploded and my vise in stomach got bigger and bigger. And now, like a magic, if i close my eyes, i feel you here close to me. I still dont understand how is it possible, but it’s so. I take a deep breath and suddenly you’re here next to me. I feel you’re still whispering my name, as if in my name you could hide yourself from all and  as if in my name you could find a peaceful place to stay.
As you need me i need you. I feel your embrace and my heart fill of you.
Our parallel world open its gates and slowly we enter in. In front, one another, we stare us. Our lights floating around us, like a light breeze.
You looking at me, with your hands on my face, while continuously, you whisper my name. My hands on your chest. While we dont take off our eyes, one from another.
We dont realize, but we are flying in a twirl of emotions colored by our lights and we twirling in  our parallel world and as if our sensantions embrace us.
When you whisper my name i feel all this and i sure you feel something similar.
Our parallel world is close more than we can imagine.


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