“We were embraced us

Tight, we didnt wanted to move.
You was still thinking on what which we have just made and i was listening to you heart, while i picked your thoughts, your emotions flowing in me. I felt all  your emotions. I have felt your sense of freedom, as if you was got rid of those chains that prevented your heart and consequecely your soul to be free.
We looked at us, one in another and without say nothing, we asked us eachother, if the other could felt that strange energy that it was developing in our head at the same time.
As little thorns in our head. But special thorns, thorns that didnt hurts, but that they got connected us eachother.
You have whispered me with a thread of voice ‘What’s happening to us?’
I was sighing while i was taking your hand tight. I was looking at you in your wonderful eyes, more speechless than breathless.
glowen044forteI was about to talk. I had my heart beating hard and i didnt know how to stop it. While you was waiting for something from me, it seemed that i knew better what it was happened.
That feeling in our head.
‘I have read something, somewhere. I didnt believe that was real.
Maybe, it has began when we have shared the first glance in the bar….’
You was looking at me speechless, but with your eyes, you asked me to continue.
‘Our reciprocal desire to write something about us, has unleashed a force more stronger than others, that it has exploded in us, in this our act of love. It could be the weirdest thing, but it’s so.’ I have closed my eyes while i was saying all that to you.
‘We are able to feel our feelings, sensations. I didnt believe it till now’
You have tighted my hands.
We were still in bed, but now in front, one another.
I have took a deep breath and i have concluded saying you
‘We just were entered in Our Parallel World’.
We remained speechless, while we have felt once again the emotions, one of another.”


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