“As if we returned

glowe0206forteFrom another world, we were looked at us, one in another and we have caressed eachother and we were remained in silence, still one more time.
You was embrace me. We were arounded by something bigger than usual. You was looking at the roof, as if you it wasnt there. As if you didnt understand what it was happened, but in your deep, you knew it.
You was stand up and you have leaned over yourself forward and slowly, you have whispered me ‘I never made love like this’. Right after, that you have said me this, i leaned myself to you and i have started to kiss sweetly your bare back.
‘I’ve felt myself reborn, when i was inside of you. As if all i had face up to it was really disappeared’
You have looked at me and you have take my face in your hands and our glance were one in another. For a while, we were remained so. Then you have said me ‘My heart is beating hard’
I’ve placed my hand on your chest. It seemed it could be explode at any moment.
Without realizing, we both, have closed the eyes and we both have take a deep breath.”



“We were embraced us ⇒

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