“As if we were returned” – ○56○

glowe0206forteFrom another world, we were looked at us, and we have caressed each other, again.
We were remained in silence.
We were surrounded by something bigger than us.

You was staring at the roof, as if you it wasn’t there: as if you didn’t understand what it was happened, but in your deep, everything was so clear.

You settled back the backrest of the bed, then you have leaned forward and slowly, you whispered me: “I never made love like this”.
After, I leaned myself to you, and I have started to kiss sweetly your bare back.
“When I was inside of you, I was reborn: as if all I have faced up it was really disappeared”.

You looked at me and you have taken my face in your hands.
We stared at each other. I shyly smiled you
You whispered: “My heart is beating hard”.
I putted my hand on your chest: it seemed it could be explode at any moment.

Without realizing, we both, have closed the eyes and we threw away the air from the lungs.”


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