When i feel

marloweforte053What which i feel, it means that our parallel world getting connect us, eachother. And i feel our world around us, despite our distance, it make us feel so close.
It’s from two days i feel your closeness stronger than ever. I dive myself in your eyes and i feel you do the same.
Our parallel says us, that is happening about something, i feel it, and you feel it too.
My head is exploding and my vise in stomach get bigger and bigger.
In these last hour your closeness is tangible and what which i feel is one of the greatest feeling i ever had in my life and it towards to you. By now, that enough look at us to feel our parallel world to get connect us and we feel us closer if we whisper our names. This spell has become stronger from i left you my lastest words, where nobody can read them, but only you.
I feel you closer to me.
Maybe, my little thoughts that i write here, for real, reached to you and now you are starting to know me a little better.
I feel you, always close to me, maybe we need of us, one of another, one close of another.


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