That room has been so magic.
We were arounded by the bed sheets, as in a cloud of chiffon.
luke0011forteYou was, gently, leaning you on me, while i was looking at you and i’ve slide my hands into the shirt and slowly i took off it.
Our fingers were crossed themselves for a little bit and our lips touched eachother sweetly.
Then your hands were goes between of my legs. And there, our deepest desire, has esploded. With all the passion, but at the same time, with all delicacy, you have take me off my clothes, and you have continued touch me between the legs.
Our kisses were, by now, fruit of our passion and that bed was transformated itself in a big chiffon cloud and we were in of it there.
While you was about touching me, you have whispered me, kissing my neck, ‘Be mine’.
Slowly and suddenly, i’ve felt you’ve penetrate me. You were been delicate but decided.
All that white around us, had a reason now, while our bodies were, slowly join, one in another.
We were making love, in the most sweet way possible, and we were transportated by one of the greatest feeling we have had felt.
And we were making about it in my apartment, my little apartement.”



 “As if we returned ⇒

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