I’ve passed

owen0019_forteThe whole day with my heart beating faster than usual. I’ve thought it could explode for real. I must taking still deep breathe to dont drive crazy. My thoughts were been toward to you and they are still towards to you.
What which you left me see, i do believe, it’s one of the most sweet signal you have gave me till now.
If i think you have had the time to read which i wrote you, it filling me of all the emotions, feelings i having for you, from that dream i have made and from it’s has began all this.
In some ways, little by little, you have started to know me. In my deep i like think, you have appreciated what i sent you.
In this moment what which i feeling, is our parallel world getting connect us eachother more than ever. I feel, with some more certainty, you feel something similar.
I will be even, a disable girl, but what which i feel between you and me, is something bigger and getting bigger and bigger each day. It growing up inside of us. It will does, till our first meeting. I sighing i say you ‘Thank you’


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