Couldn’t divided us, by now. It was my persistent thought that, it was tormentating me.
And you was looking at me, as if you knew what was my thought. I was looking around me like lost.
promotion0039moltiplica-1To return to my appartment, if ever it could be call it appartment, it was  like return to the solitary life i have had till i have didnt met you.
I’ve took the courage and i’ve explained to you, where it was.
Pratically, it was above of the bar.
With all calm, we were prepared to go out toward the bar.
You have helped me to  wear my jaket and together we were direct to your car.
I was remained stunned. I liked it. It was a black sport car.  As a real gentleman, you have opened my door and you have made attention that i was comfy.
The bar was enough close, just 10 minutes. We were arrived soon.
When we were gone up, you took my hand and we way, till in front of the door of the appartement.
With a big deep breathe, i’ve open the door and we were entered.  You have smiled me, while i was biting my lips.
My appartement was just a little white room, with a bed in the middle, a little window, a little desk a chair and some other little stuff around, a kitchen corner, a cupboard and a bathroom.
You was looking at yourself around. Little by little you understood, why i chose to stay eachnight at the bar, even alone, but much better than stay in that little lonely room.
You was sit down on my bed and while i was collecting some things, suddenly you have took my hand and you have took my hips. Our glances met, as the very first times at the bar, and slowly and gently  you have made me sit down on the bed then you have made me lie down on it. Then you have made slide your body on mine and slowly we’ve started made love.”


⇐“You stared

“Never ⇒

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