“You stared” – ○53○


At me. You didn’t wanted believe it.
But in your deep, you knew, it was like this.

We were been witness of how the destiny had united two souls, at the first glimpse totally different, but then digging, so similar.
“I had totally forget that little reading I had made, when I went back home, even because I didn’t hope to see you again there.” instead, it has happened, you was returned there each evening.
You was looking at me, with a thought in your head.

You was sit down close to me and you touching me delicately. Sighing, you said me: “I would like to go in your apartment.”
Unconsciously, I looked at you with wide eyes open: I didn’t wanted leave this magic place where you have brought me few hours earlier.
I didn’t wanted leave your apartment: that comfortable place.
I have closed my eyes: I wasn’t capable to say nothing.

When I felt you caressed my face, I had still the eyes closed,
Slowly you approached me. Our faces touched, and we dived in our souls.
“I don’t want go, there is all my solitude”, I whispered you.
You have looked at me with stunning, and slowly, you have embraced me.
But I had understanding your need to see where I lived.

With your deep voice, that I loved much, then you have said me: “I understand it. From there, you can take something you need. Then we return here, I promise you.”

You have said me it with such sweetness that I have could not say no.”



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