How i felt you


Earlier and how i feel you now, close to me.  I had a jolt when i was watching the television. My vise in stomach has exploded, as now. You came in my mind and im sure you were thinking  a little bit about me. As now im thinking of you.  Our parallel world get connected us earlier and it getting connecting us eachother in this moment. My head is exploding and if i close my eyes i can see only  your eyes on me.
We in front one of another. I feel you hold me tight, your hands on my hips and my hand leans on your chest. You make me slide my hand in your t-shirt and i close my eyes again sighing.
How i feel you close to me. If i close my eyes, i can feel your closeness. What you make me feel is bigger feeling than i could imagine. You fill me of the most great emotion i have ever felt in my life. And i can feel you feel something similar, despite we dont still know us yet. What im feel is something it goes beyond and i know that our parallel world is out there somewhere and it waiting for our meeting. I feel your closeness more strong in these istants. Where are you?  Do you feel me?


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