Tell me

broken159_forteThat you feel the same that i feel. When our mind get connect eachother. Tell me your heart is explode inside of you. Tell me you can feel when our parallel world explode around inside us and you can feel me next to you. Tell me everything, cause i feeling it all around me. I closing my eyes and i feel your closeness despite our distance. I feel your scent around me. I can feel your sweet breathe, and my vise in stomach get bigger and bigger.
Tell me when you close you eyes, you reach me and what i feel inside of me, is the essence of you.
Tell me, what i feel are your hands on me. Tell me you feel my emotions.
Tell me that all this aint a coincidence.
Tell me you feel  the same i feeling from long time.
Give me this certainty.
Tell me your emotions.
I feel you close to me.


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