“For a little bit”-○52○


We were remained in silence, contemplating the thoughts of the one another.

But all in a sudden, you seemed came out from that kind of state of trance, and you have said me: “Was you about to say me something?”
I was still thinking about what you had just told me, and I was, even me fallen, in a a sort state of trance.
Millions of thoughts crowded my mind: I was remembering a similar fact that it was happened in my little apartment.

I was collecting all the memories, when you have made me this question.
I was looked at you, for a second as if you wasn’t there.

“Daria, what’s happen?”
I was wakening up myself, me too, from this muffled state, and I’ve started to talk, making to Luke a simply question: “From when, you have started to come in my bar…. more or less…?” You have looked at me, stunned, but you have didn’t ask nothing, you have just reply me “More or less, a month ago”.
I sighed, whispering: “Yeah, a month ago.”
Now, your eyes were questioning: “What?”

I was still remembering: remembering aloud: “…we shared our first glance just few days after, I remember it well.”
“What happened to you, it has happened to me too… I mean the stones…. Raido, Gebo and Algiz… I had forgot it, because it was just a simple reading that I have made the same evening that you entered in the bar and till few hours ago, after what which we said us, and done, well, I’ve had really forgot it.”

You remained speechless, and I breathless.
“Therefore, what they say… is really truth” you said me, looking at me stunned.”


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