If i close

book0001My eyes and i take my usual deep breath, i can feel your hands hold me my hips from behind and your fingers slides in my shirt and slowly touch my skin.
Eacht breath i make, i feel your touch and it make me drives crazy. Your hand sliding on my bare skin with a soft touch. My head is exploding, our parallel world getting connect us eachother.
I can feel your whisper me ‘Keep your eyes closed’. I feel, you turn me around. Your scent around me. The only thing i can do is shaking. I feel you in front of me. But i have still my eyes close. I feel your protection.
Slowly you take my face in hands and now you whisper me ‘Look at me’.
Slowly, i open the eyes and those i felt till now it materialize itself in you.
I cant hold back the emotion, and some tear fall down from my face. You smile me gently.
With your finger, you dry my teardop looking at me. Your glance into mine, without say no words, you approach me.
My heart stops. I close again the eyes and i feel your lips are leaning on mine.
We kiss us. After a whisper ‘I love you’.
Our eyes dives one in another.  We remain so, and slowly  we disappears.


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