“You looked

At me, as if you wanted explain what which were your really feelings.
You had still my hand in your, and it was as if you wanted take me in an imaginary place, that then, i’ve understand, was your heart.
Slowly and gently, you have brought me, there, in your favorite little place and without take off me eyes from me, you have began to whisper me.
‘Since from i’ve seen you… all my doubts, all my fears were disappears.
I had face up one of hardest time in my life, as i’ve told you’
I was in front of you, in silence, taking your hand and even me, i didnt take off my eyes from you.
murforteYou have continued me to tell. ‘Something in your eyes, told me to goes on, and i made it…When i went back home i took all these sheets and i began to write. I was, like hypnotized by your light of your eyes.’
I was listening to you, even me, like hypnotized by your words. I knew there was something more, and slowly i’ve take a deep breath and i closed my eyes. While i had eyes closed, i felt your hand tighting mine.
My heart was about to beat always more fast.
Our stones were still there on the little table, well separated by the others.
Your voice resounded like a spell in the air.
I had closed my eyes, when i heard you continue. ‘What which i didnt realize, from the night i’ve began to write about you… it were the stones. I was fully taken on which i was writing, that i didnt noticed that THESE were separated from the others’ and you have indicated the same stones that you’ve kept on the table.
You was stared at me as i stared at you. With eye wide open, we have looked at us eachother.
I was about to talk too, but in my head to many thoughts and now many other questions, crowded my mind. I only sighed.
We were hold us eachother tight.
We were remain so, for long.
In our deepest, by now, we both, did know, what it was happened in our life.”


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