“When I was” – ○49○


On last stairs, you lifted me, and slowly, you made me slide on your body and our glances dived themselves, once again, in that atmosphere that surrounding us.

In a whisper, you have repeated me: “You’re so beautiful. You are able to leave me breathless”.
In those seconds, our bodies touched, while you have gently put me in front of you, without leave my hips.
You asked me: “Is it ok… what I’ve…?”
“It’s all perfect”.
I was caressing your face, and I whispered you: “Thank you”.
You was, almost blushed.

In the air, there was an excitement that it fed itself, each time our shirts softly touched themselves.
We were still one in front another.
It seemed, that moment should be last for the eternity, but slowly we moved.
You didn’t take your eyes off me.

I wanted to explore the large room.
The little space with the little table with all sheets of paper on it, would been the last one.

I was curious to see, what it was in your life, besides what which I had seen already.”



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