“I was

Slowly, walking trough the open space, and you was looking at me. At each thing which i’ve took a look, our glances meets. It seemed, i wanted your permission and… it was.
I was entering in your life, as you was entered in mine, so suddenly.
I’ve been attracted by the desk, from which you have brought the little box, where there were the ring, never given to your ex.
From far, you was following me. You wanted me explore all alone, but sometimes we crossed our little smiles.
I was came in front of the desk. It seemed out of the ordinary. It seemed an old furniture, and you was arrived in my help, describing it. I didnt realize, you was behind me and you was embracing me.
‘It was of my grandpa…’. Saying me this, your embrace has become more tight. I’ve tighted your arms, too.
owenh0w0019forteEven there, were a lot of sheets, pencils but above all an old blue and grey typewriter, with a sheet in of it. It was written but as if it was been left in half. I have took a glimpse, but right after i have looked away for fear to enter in things that i didnt must see.
You was still close to me, and you have see me titubant.
I had put my hand on the desk to better support myself. Slowly you have put your hand on mine, and slowly you have turn me.
‘…excuse me i didnt wanted’ i’ve said you, but right after,  you have said me ‘ Dont ask  excuse me, there is no need. It’s another poem i was writing thinking you’.
Right after you have take my face in your hands, looking at me deeply, you have said me ‘Since we met our glances for the first time… i have felt the need to start to write what were my feelings for this girl that i still didnt know yet.’  – ‘And now you’re in front of me’. It was what which your thoughts said me, trought your wonderful eyes.”


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