“Shyly I” – ○48○

Entered in your bathroom for give me a refresh, and to wear what which you had taken me.
I didn’t know what time it was, and sincerely, I didn’t care.

I had just lived, the most intensives hours of my life, and I was still stunned by which surrounded me: sensations, feelings, thoughts, moments, and this presence of you in my head that it didn’t wanted leaving me, but above all, my heart that it was beating strong.

While I washed, all that it passed me trough my mind, it were the few words you had acted from your poem: they resounded inside me, like little bombs launched from a pirate ship that they strikes their target: and their target was my heart.

When I came out from the bathroom, I took a look to downstair. I have sweetly smiled: you was still sleeping.
I entered in your bedroom to change me.
mtc033forte-1Without realize, I took the red long sleeved shirt, and I’ve have put it on.

In that exact moment, I had, like a flash: you in the shop, was thinking: “Who knows, if this, will does it like her?” and while I putted  it on me, I whispered: “I adore it”.
I’ve took me a look at the mirror close the door and slowly I went downstair.

You was wake up, and you was looking at me.
I was coming down. We smiled us each other and in a whisper, you said me “You seem a princess..”, and you came to give me your hand.
I thanked you, and at the end, you tightened my hips, and we kissed us.”


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