“While embraced” – ○47○

Us, we were exhausted, but what we feeling was still in the air.
It was eletriczing

tug006_scuriWhat which I had seen in your eyes was the lack of sleep.
While I slept, you did the way, that at my wake up, I had all the necessary I would have need: the breakfast, something new to wear.
The love we made…
The ring: I stared it for long time, without fear to hold back the tears.

While we were on the sofa, I realized little by little, you were sleeping you.
Your scent was in the air.
I closed my eyes and I had relived all those moments, till at that one.

Without make some noise, I left you on the sofa.
I went going upstairs, supporting me at the railing.
In the middle of the bedroom, were still the plastic bag you have left fall down, before to make love with me.

I have collected it, and I was sit down on the bed.
I’ve dropped on it his content, and for the first time I’ve seen what you have brought me: a teeth brush, a couple of underwear, a t-shirt and a red long sleeved shirt, mixed cotton and satin.

My heart exploded while I was looking those things, and I’ve thought “Look what you did for me”.
I sighed, closing for a second the eyes, and I took the little white bag, and I went in the bathroom to change.

I was living in a dream, me too.”


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