“While embraced

Us, we were exhausted, but what feeling was still in the air, like an electrified air.
But what which i’ve seen in your eyes was a lack of sleep.
While i have slept, you did the way, that at my wake up, i have had found all the necessary i would have need.  The breakfast, something new to wear.
The love we made…
The ring that i have stared it for long time, without hold back the tears.
While you was sit down on the sofa, with me on your chest, i realized that you little by little you were about sleeping you.
In the air there was, your scent. I have closed my eyes and i had relived all those moments, till at that moment. That moment when you have closed your eyes.
Without make some noise, i left you on the sofa sleeping. I went going upstairs, supporting me at the railing.
In the middle of the bedroom, were still the bag you have left fall down, before make love.
I have collected it and i was sit down on the bed. I’ve dropped on the bed the content of the little white bag and for the first time i’ve seen what you have had bought me.
A teeth brush, a couple of underwear, a t-shirt and a red long sleeved shirt, mixed cotton and satin.
While i was looking these things, my heart exploded and i’ve thought ‘Look what you did for me’ I sighed, closing for a second the eyes, then i took the little white bag and i went in the bathroom to change.
I was living in a dream, me too.”


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“Shyly i was ⇒

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