Here it is

The sensation i love to feel. Your suddenly embrace. You that, take me hips and you tight yourself to me, from the back. I feel your hands gently on my body. Your hands hold tight me to you. And i close my eyes, taking a deep breath. You turn me, and in front, one to another, we remain, as enchanted, by what we see in the eyes of ther other. Our parallel world expand itself around us and we stare at our glances. I still feel your sweet touch and i place slowly, my hand into your shirt. Our sensations get connect us eachother. We close our eyes and we feel our kiss sweet.
Our distance isnt a obstacle, by now.
Our connection is getting stronger and stronger.
I feel, you whisper me ‘Take me there’, while you kissing my neck. ‘I need it’.
You holding me always more, looking at me deeply and sweetly, while you touching my lips with yours.



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