“All i could

05_0031forteDo, was remain still stunned for what i’ve heard.
You have opened your heart, your feelings, your more deepest, to me. You was in front of me. What we felt for eachother, by now, it was tangible in the air, and although we didnt say us still nothing, we did say us all with our glances.
The sheet on which you have wrote these few lines, it was falled down, from your hand. It was on the floor.
We wanted to wake up ourselves, from this atmosphere that sorrounded us, but we seemed captured by these sensations we were feeling. They were stronger than of us. You was still in front of me, sitting on the little table and slowly you have take my hand. You were about to talk. I was looking at you. Your hand was so sweet, your skin so soft.
From last night i’m living as in a dream.’ you have said in a whisper,
‘And i dont want wake myself’, as if i’ve continued your thought in your mind. You have looking in the void, then you sat down close to me, embracing me tight.
Meanwhile, millions of greatest sensations floated around us. And we were in middle of them.”


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