“You had

owen058contrario_pluniformeYour eyes placed on me.
I was still stunned from what which i have had just listened to.
In my head, million of thoughts has fighted. Some has wins, some has lose.
In a whisper i asked you ‘So, since when we met our glance for the first time… you have started to write about me?’  You have only shaked your head, looking at me, taking all the sheets on the little table.
We have had started to write about eachother at the same time.
You sat down, next  to me, making me see the other sheets. Even if there were few written words in some, other were full, the sheets were full of thoughts about me, and your sensastions.
I was still without words, but i was full of emotions that i could not hold back.
We have looked at eachother, as dazed.
At the end, we found us, and everything what has happened us, it have had a reason.
The universe, or whatever was, it wanted us united.
And it’s been so.
At the end you have whispered me ‘


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