lukebvacktruccoocchiI feel your eyes placing on me. My heart start to beat fast. I feel your glance. Slowly i blush, our desire growing. We stay in front one of another. I bite my lips, my hands shaking. You approaching me. I caress your face, while we dont take off of eyes, one to another. We remain so. ‘Tell me more about you’ you whisper me. What you must to know about me, you know it already. What which you make me feel it’s one of the most beautiful sensation i had ever felt in my life. When as  a click, our parallel world get connect us eachother, and we are close one to another. I feel your hands trough my t-shirt. I close my eyes. Our breath make itself fast. I can’t help touching your neo, and you letting me do it, while you are approaching, you taking my hand and bring it, on your heart.
We remain so. Suspended. While our glances dive one in another.
Slowly… an endless tender kiss and in of it, we disappear.


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