“As if you” – ○44○


Wanted captured each my shades, you sat down on the little table in front, and you looked at me, deeply.

Our breathes were at unison, and slowly, were became faster.
It seemed that moment had no end, and our feelings surrrounding us.

You have wanted to take my hand, and I left you do it.
We were, hypnotized by eachother.
Slowly, you started to read what you had wrote, as if you had learn it by heart.
I have closed my eyes when you have began.

«As two stars in the darkness,
You have started to give me something that I was about to forget.
You are always in that corner.
To whom do you think, when I see you writing?
When our glances meet eachother, I’m feel myself to reborn».

I was feeling your hand was tightening delicately mine.
For the whole time you have acted the poem that you had wrote, my heart stopped itself

When you have placed the sheet of paper next to you, we looked at each other, knowing what we were meaning one for another.”



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