owen043pluniformeIn front, one to another. Me on the table and you in front standing, we have looked at eachother. Your eyes have said me something that your words could not. You would want have say me something, but you wasnt able to pronounce no words, You have spoken with your eyes. Slowly, you have slide me on your body and you have put me in front of you. Taking my hand, you have gently accompanied me at the sofa. You made me sit down. You sat down too, next to me. You still have not say nothing, but your little gestures said me, you had your heart full of words.
The little table in front of us, was always full of sheets, magazines and several pencils, and our stones. You was looking for a sheet in particular. I was looking at you, breathless. I knew,it was something important and i didnt wanted break this atmosphere so strangely magic. Each thing with you was magic. Your eyes had a brillant light and i dived myself in them. And finally when you have found that sheet, you gave me it. Still without any word pronnounced. You was standed up and you roamed around the room. While i was starting to read what it was wrote on that sheet.”


⇐“I have

“I was about read ⇒

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