Tonight (11th open letter to Luke)

mikemc02t_sommaNo even, a fantasy tale could explain what i’m feeling right now. ┬áMy heart is exploding, but if doesnt explode, i feel i could implode and all that it would disappears. So then, it explode. It’s a fight of sensations.
When i feel you close to me, in this way i can remain only breathless.
Some people can take me ┬álike a crazy, but i’m sure you would not.
Also if, we dont know eachother, you would believe me.
We have the same empathy, the same sensibility and in someway, we know eachother.
You are entered in my life, for the first time, for a case. Then, you have helped me a lot of times.
You have impersonificated my doubts, my thoughts, my fears, but slowly you have tought me that from those weakness, i could be more strong, and it’s been so. I lost the count of how many times i have said you thank you, and it still lasting.
Maybe we ever will not meet us, but with this open diary, i leave a door open, and who ever know, if a day you will knock it.
Other times you have knocked at my little windows…


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