“I have” – ○41○

owen0046pluniformeTaken your face in my hands, and I stared at you for a while, then I started to talk.

“Some of us, very few, in this universe, can find their soul mates.
When you entered in that bar I didn’t believe it.
In my head something has made click: it has passed lot of time, since when you looked me for the first time, to last night.
Slowly I felt something special in you, and that’s been so.”

You have looked at me without words, and you left me continue.
“Since we were glance met, slowly something inside me, has changed, and I began to write poems about you”.

You seemed as stunned. I started to caress your sweet face, then I have continued.
“Look what has happened in few hours!
Without realizing, the universe, or whatever there is outside, said us that which said us, and we felt and what we felt, and it has brought us, where we are now.
As you, I asked myself many questions, but in front of them, there was no need to answer: to me, that’s enough what I’m feeling right now with you”.

You was staring at me with a little tear was falling from your face.
After a moment of silence, you got up, you taken my face in your hands, and slowly you whispered me: “I never felt what I’m feeling with you. Stay with me…Be mine soul mate”.
“We already are”‘, then I placed your face against mine.

“What we have passed is only ours, and it has been magic, and who knows since when it had must to happen. If you, wasn’t entered in that bar, maybe, we would still looking for us, and maybe, we would ever not have met us each other, and all this, it never would happened”.

I was saying you all this, while I was dry you another tear from your face.”


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