“While we” -○39○


Made each other those little promises, as a, flashback, I remembered the very first glance you have launched me in the bar.

You was with your friends at the bar counter: you was playful.
I looked at you, and something inside me has made click: I didn’t take my eyes off you
I was almost embarrassed for my insistence.

I heard your voice for the first time when you have laughed to some jokes.
While you was laughing, you turned yourself toward my little corner and there, you noticed me.

At first impact you didn’t smiled me, and you turned yourself immediately toward your friends, but after a little bit, slowly, you turned yourself again.
We looked at us, and shyly, we shared us a smile.

You was enjoying with your friends, and with them you were making mess, but occasionally, you turned around to me, and our glance meet again.
When you spinned yourself, again toward your friends, some of them, gave you a pat on the shoulder, as if they wanted to wake you up from a numbness.
I heard the laughs: I was embarrassed.
That evening you have spinned yourself always less.
Our eyes, however, meeting again, but you were careful not to let it be noticed.

When you have finished your beer, and you was about leaving away you did the way to got up yourself so that I could see you, and with a soft nod, you saluted me, smiling me.”



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