“You looked” – ○38○


At me, and shyly smiling you got up, and you approached to the kitchen table.

It were been important moments that we have had shared together, but I understood that you wanted stay a bit alone to reflect on what, we, as soon, had lived.
“I need to collect my thoughts” you said me, looking ahead.
I was making myself the same questions.

I retraced all those moments.
You was doing the same.

Looking at you, who was giving me the back, my only desire was got up and come to you, and sweetly embrace you, but I remained where I was.
But it has been for a shortest time.
I was confused me too.
What which we had shared it’s been really unique.
I was almost breathless, while I was looking at you: I wasn’t been capable to hold back the tears.
I was feeling you inside me.

Slowly I got up, and I approached next to you: I have softly placed my hand on your shoulder.
You turned: you looked at me shyly smiling, and without say nothing, you lifted me, placing me on the table.
I looked at you, while you lay your head on my knees, and you embraced my lower back.

A whisper: “I don’t want lose you”, while a tear has fallen.
The glances met each other: a hand caressed a face.

“You will don’t lose me” I said, looking at you.”


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