smiles_forte3I think our connection is  so strong to leave without breath. While i was on television, i have felt your closeness and my mind has exploded. I have felt you by my side in a such way that i had must to close my eyes for a little bit and take again the breath. And also now, im here, writing you, my feelings, i feel you that you are embracing me, staring at me with your wonderful eyes, where i can dive myself and to find our parallel world. Your glance that, almost, moves me, and it make me think to other day, it make me feel more close to you.
Our parallel world isnt far from reality. Something it says me, that what which do i feel, in someway, you feeling it too.
Each step we doing, is a step to the moment, we will meet our glance.
Everytime i feel what i feeling, and i know that’s you, it’s a sensantion that take me the breath away. And this  continuos sensation arrives from you, and is growing up each day always more.
Since i had that dream, something bigger than us, it linked us.
What i feel in this moment is like a punch in the stomach, but full of emotions never felt before. I adore these sensations. And i adore you that you make it me feel them.
And now, you know me a little much better. Maybe you rembembered me a little more in these hours.
What i can is just sighing while you are embracing me.


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