“You felt” – ○36○


The need to close your eyes, and tight my hands.
I was a little disoriented, but your soft touches were something that got calm me, but we both had feeling something was happening in that instant.

We had heard a new sound that resounded in that large space, that it was your apartment.
I whispered: “What happen?” and you slowly, always with eyes closed, you replied, questioning me another question: “Do you feel it you too?”

It was a new sensations that slowly was pervading us.
I was looking at the room.
You had still your eyes closed: you wasn’t seeing what I was seeing.
All in a sudden, the sound entered in us.
In that moment, I had to close my eyes, even me.

Something big was doing its magic.
Each thing we have feel, we have felt it, through our senses, our touches, our breath, our shaking hands.
What we had feeling, it was like was entered inside us, and now, we were capable to feel us in new way: closer, and stronger.

We had still the eyes closed.
We didn’t know what it waited for us.

Just few moment later, we have opened our eyes.”


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