“You have felt


The need to close your eyes, and to hold my hands.
I was a little disoriented, but your hand in mine were something that made me feel calm, but we both felt something was happening in that exact moment around us.
We had heard to yet, a new sound, that resounded in that large space, that it was your home.
I have whispered you ‘What happens?’ and you slowly, always with eyes closed, have replied me sighing, with another question ‘Do you feel it you too?’ .
It was a new sensations that slowly was pervading us eachother. I was looking at the room. You had still your eyes closed. You wasnt see what i was seeing.
Suddenly the sound around us, it was entered in us. And at those moment, as if a invisible hand have putted its fingers on my face, and i had to close my eyes.
Something more big than other things, it was doing its magic.
Each thing we have feel, we have felt it, trough our senses, our touches, our breath, our shaking hands. What we have felt, it was like that something was entered in both of us, and now, we were able to feel us in new way. More stronger.
We had still the eyes closed. We didnt know what it waited for us, in the moment, we had opened our eyes.”


⇐“I was looking

“We holded ⇒

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