“We” – ○37○


Tightened us the hands, while we had still our eyes closed, but all in a sudden, a force outside our control, it had made us them opened.

We were still stunned by what we had felt in those few minutes.
From the moment we had opened them, our glance was a straight stare.
We realized what it was happening it was really powerful.
We got changed.

We have had the courage to look at us around, and slowly we had taken a glimpse around the room.
It seemed was everything ok: but something was happened.

We were in front, one of another.
Just after, we realized that in that big room, there was something of magic, like a soft breeze.
But it was inside us.
When once again, we have shared the glances, one thing have left us breathless.

Around us, it was created a twirl of floating lights, and our sensations were expanded.
And what which we were feeling they were the sensations, the thoughts of the other, but in the deepest way.
We were like connected.

All this it about was happened in a shortest time: we didn’t know what to say to us.
Our heads exploded, and all this, seemed for real surreal.
We were been invested by all this, like a running train.

At the end, you whispered me: “Is this what which happens when you meet your real soul mates?” bringing my hand to your heart that it beated like a crazy one.
While we shyly smiled, I did the same.
Mine it was beating like yours.”



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