“We holded

Tight us, our hands, we had still our eyes closed, but a force outside of us, it had them opened.
We were yet stunned by which we had felt in these minutes. We still looked at us, we didnt take off our eyes, one from another. We did realized that around us something was happening and we did realized that it was something powerful. We felt ourselves changed inside. Our glance were stared into the eyes of the other. We were in front, one of another, but we werent ready yet, to see what arounded us.
Now, we realized that in that big room, there it was something of magic, like a wind, but a interior wind that we felt only us.
We have had take the courage, and slowly we had take a look around the room. It seemed was all ok. But something  it was happened. Something inside of us.
When we were looked at us eachother, again, we have noticed, one thing, that have left us, with no breath.
When our glance met, around us, it created like a twirl of floating lights, and our sensantions were expand. And what which we felt, they were the sensations, the thoughts of the other, but more deeper.
We were, as connected.
We were scared, a little bit, all this it about was happened in so little time. We didnt know what to say to us.
Our heads exploded, and all this, seemed for real surreal, but it was happened, and we were been invested by all this.
At the end you whispered me ‘Is this what which happens when you meet your real soul mates?’, bringing my hand to your heart that it beated like a crazy one. While we stared at us, i did the same, and i’ve placed your hand on my heart, it beated like yours.”


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