“After” – ○32○


A moment of silence, while we looked at each other, almost in whisper I said you: “Since you entered in that bar, I felt something in my life it would changed, and what has happened. I saw something particular inside you that made me started to write about you.
In your eyes I’ve seen your soul, and something that I don’t have understand what it was, but now, next with you… after what we have felt, it’s impossible…”
I stopped.

What which we were feeling, it was something that went beyond the conception of the love, and I didn’t wanted pronounce that word.

In the air there was a kind of electricity that it was propagating in our bodies, but above all in our minds.
Slowly, you have whispered me: “You are special. I understood it, since I crossed your glance: I have felt the same feelings”
You tightened my hand, as if those words were your last words of your life.

We were confessing each other everything.
Slowly you got up, and went at your desk, and you taken a small bag, and when you got back to me, you have placed it on the little table, in front of me.
After, you was sat next, and you said me “That’s what I taken for you… My feelings are in there inside.”
You looked at me sweetly.
Then: “…I continued to come in that bar, in the hope to meet your sweet glance, and that’s been.”
While you was saying me this, I have started to caress your face, and you kissed my palm hand when it passed close your lips.”


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