When my heart

tug006_forteBegins to beat fast and in the air i feel a new scent, i understand that we get connect us, one to another. I close my eyes and suddenly i feel your embrace. Your shirt touch my bare back and i feel you. I able to hear your breath make it faster. The rustle of the shirt, while you turn me it’s a sound that wakes up our senses. While i turn i close my eyes for that seconds, we enter in our parallel world. When we are in front, one of another, we looking at us. We dont speak. You hold my hips and you approaching me, till i place my hand on your chest trough the shirt. My fingers touch your skin in of it. Slowly, you take my hand and make slide it in of it. Making this, you  thrill me, but you make continue alone, while the shirt falls down over your arms. It remains there, and the continue rustles, make me drives crazy. While you begin to caress me, without take off your eyes on me. For a seconds our lips touch. Your tongue touch mine. Right after,  you retire, looking at me deeply.  Slowly you take me and sweetly you lay me on the floor. And on the floor, we looking at us, while slowly, i take you off your shirt. Slowly and sweetly, our bodies move themselves, sinuously at the same time.


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