“We looked for” – ○31○


To calm ourselves.
It seen that we still hadn’t understand completely, what was happened around us, or maybe we didn’t wanted understand it, because in our deep, we had understand everything, and well.

While we were continuing to stare the stones, I noticed you blushed, as if you wanted hide me something.
I delicately touched your leg, whispering: “What’s up?”
Slowly, you have started to talk, staring the second stone constantly. “I said you, that I didn’t sleep this night, because I wanted observe you, isn’t?”
Remembering this, I blushed too.

You continued, caressing sweetly my hand.
“While I observed you, I have understand I didn’t want lose you: the time I spent with you, it has been the more intense and deepest of my life.”
You have saying all this, staring still Ansuz.

You was understanding, that our emotions: what we were feeling, what we were doing, reflected itself, on the stones, and then, have softly sighing, you said:”…this is brought me to take you, another thing”.

I was listening to you, almost breathless.
I was stunned, because you was talking so sincerely, in front of me, and above all, you was “the guy I wrote about” in my poems, since when our glances met, for the first time in that bar .”


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