“We looked for

dinner_italian37forteTo calm ourselves. It seen, we still didnt understand completly what was happened around us. Or we didnt wanted understand it, because we had understand everything, and while we have continued to stare the stones, i have noticed you blushed, as if you wanted hide me something
I have touched your leg, whispering ‘What’s up?’.
Slowly, you have started to talk, staring the second stone constantely. ‘I have told you, that i didnt sleep this night, because i wanted observe you, isnt?’. Rembembering this, i was blushed too. You have continued, taking sweetly my hand ‘While i’ve observed you sleeping, i have understand i didnt want lose you. The time i have spent with you, in these hours, it has been the more intense and deepest i had in my life.’ You have saying all this, as dazed by Ansuz, but you wasnt. You was understanding, that our emotions, what we had felt, our actions were reflected on the stones.
‘…and this is brought me to take something for you, when i came out, and isnt the stuff i’ve told you, when we were upstairs.’
I was listening to you, almost speechless and breathless. More breathless than speechless but i was in equal way, stunned, ’cause you was talking so sincerely, and you was “the guy i wrote about” in my poems, since when our glance met, in that bar for the first time.”


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