Only (10th open letter to Luke)


When i feel your closeness, i feel myself full of the emotions that i want feel.
When our parallel world get connect us, my heart explodes and i cant hold back the tears, as in this moment. I must to take the usual deep breath and close my eyes and you’re here, that you embrace me so tight.  By now, you know what i really need. I feel your arms hold me tight, while you are whispering me ‘It’s all right’. When you turn me, your eyes dives into mine and in them i see our lights floating and our parallel world get bigger and bigger and us in the middle.
By now, the emotions you make me feel, are lasting from nine months, and they are growing up each day. As i told you many times, in this period, you are the only person with whom i open myself completly. Also if im not able to describe what which you make feel, i’m sure you understand every words i write here and you can feel, despite our distance, what i try to explain you. Because, in someways, you feel something like similar. And when our parallel world get connect us, one of another, we both feel the same feelings, and this is something of marvellous. We feel, when we both, whisper our names and this get connect us. It push us into our parallel world, and our emotions expand and it make feel us close one to another, as if we are in front one of another.
And i feeling all this only with you.


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