“In front” – ○30○


Of those stones, we wanted understand what was happened.
But it was so clear.

With all their meaning the stones were there, and were talking to us.
We have stared long them, above all, the first stone.
It was of one my favourite: symbolized all that I had faced up in my life: «the will, primordial strength, the health, tenacity, the creativity energy», but above all the last meaning it was which we had impressed us much: that one of the «sexuality».

While we were passing to the next stone, we us tightened ours hands. The meanings of that stone, it had surprised us still, because it described all things, that in those hours, we had shared: honesty, recommendations, aid, indications and gifts.

It was missing the last one.

By now, nothing could have surprised us.
We looked at each other, taking a deep breath.
Slowly, we had take a look at the last stone.

The last one had said us that our wishes would be fulfilled, our suffers would be vanish, and we would have protection.
We threw away all the air we had in body, as a liberation.
In few words, those stones, had described us, our life, and they had say us something about our future together.

We looked at each other.
We were still speechless.
We overwhelmed from everything this.”



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