I dive

marloweforte00340Myself in this atmosphere that wraps me, and in this short journey i feel you’re coming next to me and you hold my hand and together we are enter in our parallel world. I feel you are embracing me, and your hands tighting my hips, and i whisper your name and you reply me, putting your face on my shoulder and from behind, you whisper me back, with your deep voice that i really love, ‘Im here’, and then you kiss me my neck. I close my eyes and your closeness makes me feel crazy. Slowly, you turn me, and finally we are in front. Without realizing, i approach my hand to your face. Your skin is so soft. You smile me. My heart begins to beat as a crazy one. We feel us, one in another. We get connecting and our parallel world is around us. In our world we can feel our own emotions expand, and our minds melts. We feel the thoughts of the other one. And this still suprise us. It’s something goes beyond the common love. It’s only our parallel world. And till it will does exist, i will feel good, but above all Alive. And all this, im living with the only person i really need in this period lasting, by now, from 9 long months. And that’s you.


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