“You was

panicpluniformedStaring at me, as if you felt guilty of which you have said me only an istants before. But, on the contrary, for me it has been the most beautiful phrase i ever heard in my life.
In someways, in those fugacious glances, that we have had shared in that bar, we had found something.  Without realizing, we were completing us.
That night was become more strange than as it has began.
We were looking at us with wondering, You, didnt take off  your hands from mine.
I was looking for something different from you, to observe, but it was hard.
What you have said me, has hypnotized me, as what i’ve said you earlier, did it the same.
It was something embarassing both of us, what was developing around us. And still we didnt understand what was.  But surely, it was something that it would unites us more. But we didnt still know it, what was.”


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“We were ⇒

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