Today i was

owen_forte0011Awake suddenly and i thought to you. I dont know why, but i have felt the impression that the reason was you, and till now nobody take off from my mind that’s been you to wake me. By now our parallel world is so close to us that we are able to feel our little emotions. Something it say me it’s so. And i can say you with all my sincerity, you are the only person which i say everything, and i know, you understand me completly, also without explain in written word. That enough that i think about you and our parallel world get us in connection, and wherever you are and whatever you doing, you can feel my thoughts and i feel your closeness. That’s how does works, our world, and now i feel you are embracing me, and i feel your whispers of which i really need. I need of you. You, can listen to me, holding my hands, looking at me in you eyes, you carressing my face sweetly, and at the end, face to face, slowly you approach your lips on mine and you kiss me in the most and tender way. All this, without take off your glance from me.

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