“The Pandora” -○21○

luke00111_contrario_forteiJar, by now, it was open.
I had must just only go on.
In your eyes there was a sort of surprise mixed with a sweetness, that I could only see.
You was looking at me with wide eye open, as if you didn’t believe it.
You whispered me: “Please tell me more”. 

I looked at you, and my breath became short.

Those seconds, seemed me the longest of my life.
I have collected all my thoughts, and as bullets shooted by a gun, I started to tell.

“Since when you have entered in «my bar», I felt something inside.
Then, as you have tell, I have noticed that your friends, little by little has left you alone.

I was so sorry for you. 
As I told you, in my diary I have wrote poems about the human beings, but from when our eyes met the first time, I have began to write poems about you.
Each evening I’ve placed myself at my table… I waited  for you, and each evening you was in punctual.
I hoped that you notice me, and I hoped in a little smile from you.”

You was looking at me, in silence.
I didn’t know what to think.

I was about to continue, and you taken my hands caressing them delicately.

You have look at me, and have whispered me: “Me too, I hoped to see you sat there that table.
Since when my friends left me, the only reason which I came each evening in that bar, that was you.”


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