“The Pandora

luke00111_contrario_forteiJar, by now, it was been open. And i’ve must just only go on.
In your eyes there was a sort of surprise mixed up with a sweetness, that i could only i see.
You was looking at me with wide eye open, as if you didnt believe 
it. And in a whisper, you have asked me ‘Please tell me more’. I have look at you. My breath has become short. Those seconds, they seemed me the most longest of my life,  i have collected all my thoughts, and as bullets shooted by a gun, i have started to tell.
‘Since when you have entered in «my bar», i have felt something inside of me. Then, yes, as you have tell me, i have noticed that your friends left you alone, little by little.  I was so sorry for you. There, at my table, i wrote my thoughts, my poems about the humankind, as i told you. But from when our eyes met, and you have began to smile me. I have felt something, and from there, i have began to write poems about you. Each night i’ve placed myself at my table, i waited  for you, and you came in, punctual. You was my thud to the heart. Each night, i hoped, that you notice me, and i hoped in a little smile from you.’
While i said you, all this, you was in silence, looking at me. I didnt know what to think.
I was there for continue, but you have take my hands and you was looking them, while you caressing them. Suddenly, you have look at me and you have whispered me ‘Me too, i hoped to see you sat there at your table. From when my friends left me, you was the only reason which i was come in that bar each night.”


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