If you – 8th open letter to Luke

00323forteUnderstand what i’m feeling from today, so we are connect in a definitely way. From today i feel you next to me, and my head and my stomach doesnt wants calm. Each little thing bring me to you. And now that im in front of this pc, writing in this open diary, i believe you can feel me. You can feel what are my emotions, my feelings. It was from two days that i feel myself so. But in this moment my heart could explode. I can feel your closeness in a such way. And aint my period, cause i feel myself so from long time, almost an year. And that last dream has expanded my feelings. Our parallel world has been enlarged, and tonight i could, touch you for real. What i feel is a tangle of overwhelming joy. But these two definitions cant describe really what i feel, since i have feel something that linked us. Each time i try to explain what i feel when i feel your closeness by my side, is impossible, because it still surprised me. But i can say you, what i feel it’s the most beautiful feeling in my life. And i living with you, despite we dont know us, or maybe yes. However this, sighing, i whispering you once again, ‘Thank you … … … i love you’ .



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