loaded007moltiplica-1Strong i feeling your closeness. You’ve arrived suddenly, and i feeling your embrace. You’re holding my hips. I hear your whispers. You’re behind me, you hold me tight as if you dont let me make run away. I sigh, while you turn me. Now our bodies touch. I place my hand to your chest. Our parallel world is exploding around us. I feel your scent and your hands touching my face sweetly. We dont take off our glances, one of another. What only we feel is our heart that beats fast. Around us our lights floating and we can feel their lightness penetrates us and that we get connect. I must to take a long  breath. Your eyes into mine makes me drive crazy. Slowly and sweetly i touch your face, your neo. You take my hand and  you kiss it while you bring it close to your heart. We dont say nothing, but the air is full of our words whispered. We remain overwhelm by our emotions that we cant explain. Just our glances can. Slowly we still touch and we just looking at us one in another. We here in front, like dazed by something more big than us. All around us is so magic. Without realizing, we approaching, one to another, and at the end our lips touch. A touch that has become a kiss so passionate. And your hands still on my hips makes me felt your desire. A whisper fly in the air.


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