boogaloo_forte0041To continue to write my imaginary tale, i must write what i’m feel in this moment and maybe you know it already. Im sure you know it. I dont how can i describe it. I think, by now, something of thin was entered inside of us and what it makes us feel is someting, we only us, can feel. That punch in the stomach last night, i’ve felt, then you with your minivideos… i can only shake my head and reflect. But reflect on what? On our parallel world? On our closeness despite we are far from one to another, or on the vise in my stomach i feel in this moment, or on my head that is exploding.  On what should i reflect? Or, on i feel your closeness so close that i can feel your hands embracing me tight, and your eyes staring at me, till to blush, and my heart runs fast that it seems stops. I make me alot of questions to which i cant find a valid answer. Do you have a valid one? Cause all this, at the end, it will make me drives crazy.  I’m here and i thinking of you.


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