While i

murforteWas correcting my tale, my heart has been punched and suddenly after, i have felt you close to me. Is it possible that now it does work so? Im smiling, ’cause, with you all it’s possible. And i dive myself in your eyes i can see our parallel world make itself closer than ever. I still have in my mind the dream that i’ve made few days ago. And all that what you have said me, make me opens my mind always more. I dont drive crazy, but i sure, you can understand what i try to say you.  In our connection there is always that little perod of stand by, where each thing, around us, to reclines itself or start to float, and we are in the middle of it, in front of one to another waiting, while our sensations touch our feelings, and our hearts exploding, because we feel us. That enough close our eyes and take a deep breath, that in a moment, we touch us. I feel your hands on my body trough the t-shirt and you can feel my hand on your face, while we looking at us, one in another. Our parallel world is here, and we only us, we can feel it around us. We feel us, also while we are sighing at the same time, despite our real distance. But in these istants we are close. We are loving us.


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