“After this

You looked as emptied, and you was looking at me as if i was been a ghost, but you have still holded my hand, then you have concluded, staring at the ring, ‘Then i fallen as in black hole. I wandered from bar to bar, looking for something. Then i was entered in that bar, i met some friends of mine. I didnt say them about me and my girlfriend. And from that moment i’ve always frequented few friends, till, by one by one, they have understood, that i wouldnt be a good company, they have left that bar, but i was remained.’
back02_longforteMaking few calculations, it was in that period,  when you was entered in that bar, that i considered always, a second home, little by little i’ve begin to noticed you, and little by little our glance met, for the first time. I did this consideration inside of me. But i didnt realized that i was become red in face. And you, by now, was stared at me, as when you was opening the rusty gate, and you have not said nothing another time. But you was only, looking at me.
This time you would have wait all the time of the world. ‘What’s up?’ you have said me, following my little smile.
My heart was beating in a strong way. I didnt understand what’s happening. But i knew, something it would be happens.
At the same time, we have take a deep breath.
I have look at you and i have started to say ‘From those days i’ve noticed you. From the first night, that you was came in the bar….i’ve noticed you.’
You was stared at me, for a little bit. And, as if you didnt wanted hear the continue, you have take my hand and you have started to talk about my symbol i had on as bracelet.
‘It has a powerful meaning…’ you was looking at it, while you was caressing my hand. I continued ‘Yes, «menthal opening, awareness and every form of art», that’s how i feel in this period…’
It was incredile how i have felt myself, while i’ve tell you this. I was in front of you. You was the reason of those my feelings.
We were remained so, knowing unconciously that it was happening something.”


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