“You seemed” -○15○


Enchanted by what I had told.
As much enchanted, you’ve started to tell something that it could was look like your story.
I was staring at you.

“We loved each other much, we have spent marvelous instants together.”
When you have began to speak, I understood that you was telling me one of the most important part of your life.
You stopped for a long instant.
Waiting for you had the courage to goes on, I shyly smiled you.
Slowly I have approach my hand next to yours, but I haven’t taken it.
But as much i would wanted have to.

You was looking at the past staring at me
For a while you have didn’t say nothing.
I respected that moment, without say or do nothing.
I was waiting for.
Suddenly, you taken again to tell what was happened.
Seemed you was awakening again from a dream, touching me sweetly.
You seemed lost in the past.
You have continued to tell the story.
“We were been together few years, but the most intense years of my life. Of our lives.
I’ve also bought her a ring, with the intention to ask her to marry me… but I never did!”
At the end I sighed, holding back, with difficulty, the tears.

You got yourself up from the sofa, and you went to take a little box, on other table, that it would could been, your desk, and you came back, with it, and you gave me me it.
It was the ring’s box.
You sat again, close to me.

Me with this box in hands, i really didn’t know what to do.
There was been a quick look among us, and the little box.
With just a small nod, you have permitted me to open it.

Looking at the ring, I sighed more: it was simply, an opal.
The most beautiful one I had ever seen.
We both, have stared at it: me with with my thoughts, you with your own memories.
“We left us, with this regret: me, with the no courage to face up to this step, she with this question that it didn’t never arrived…
She found other one guy.”

At the end of your story, we looked at us, straight into the eyes, and slowly i was approached to you.
I have caressed your face, and you have kissed my hand, tightening it delicately.
I have closed my eyes.



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